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Iluka Boatshed

Are You Looking for Outboard Repairs or New Boat Motors in Northern NSW?

Owning a boat is an incredible portal to freedom, sport, and all kinds of leisure activity, but it does come with certain concerns. Keeping your boat in good shape can be a point of pride for many owners. With that said, the maintenance can at times be burdensome, and over time, the requirements may increase. Your boat may still be in pristine condition, but other components such as the outboard motor can start to wear out and break down. Eventually, many owners start facing the same question: to repair or to replace?

Sometimes, due to age or nature of a failure, you may find that undertaking outboard repairs in Northern NSW is not the most economical choice. Instead, you may want to consider purchasing a new motor to replace your older unit. Replacing an engine has several advantages, in that it can help you to save money regarding ongoing maintenance costs while also offering the opportunity to take advantage of recent advances in marine engine technology.

At Iluka Boatshed, we’re extremely well-equipped to offer boaters of all types the service you’ve looked for in this area of NSW. As the only prestigious Yamaha dealer in the region, we take our commitment to delivering a top-notch customer experience very seriously. With the ability to offer both repairs and sales of brand new units, we are a one-stop-shop on the Clarence River for all your boating needs.

Finding Outboard Motors Made Simple

It’s not hard to determine what type of engine you should consider investing in for your boat: Yamaha leads the way. Roughly one of out of every three boat motors sold in Northern NSW and across the country are Yamahas, and for a good reason. The company continues to innovate in both the two-stroke and four-stroke categories, delivering a high level of dependability and the power on demand that boaters need. Even if you aren’t sure which precise model would be the best fit for your boat, the well-versed staff at Iluka Boatshed can guide you through the process based on what you do, where you go, and what you need from your boat’s performance.

When you experience a problem, why should you go through the hassle of taking the motor itself all the way into the city just to find a service? We feel the same way about this process as we do about providing new units — it should be convenient to you. With our own accessible Clarence River wharf, clients requiring repairs or maintenance work can dock directly with us for a speedy service.

Identify the Best Solution with our Friendly Staff

Browse through all our outboard motors available in northern NSW now to start developing a sense of what you’ll need, or check out the other services we offer too. To request a service quote, or to ask for help with choosing a product, please contact us now. We encourage you to speak to our team for professional advice and industry insights before making any purchasing decisions.